About Dr. Fazil

“Dr. Fazil’s goal is to involve the community of Yuma in promoting healthier lifestyle decisions and preventing lifelong diseases through informative seminars.”

Dr. Fazil has been in private practice at BioClinic for more than 10 years. His office and practice are located in Yuma, AZ, with three locations throughout the county and a fourth currently in progress. His team consists of experienced weight loss counselors, Nurse Practitioners, and a dedicated weight loss team.

Dr. Fazil graduated from Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, NY. He did his Internal Medicine Board and passed the American Board of Internal Medicine with the highest score possible, nationwide. He also did his fellowship in Nephrology from Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, NYC. He is also board certified in Nephrology.

Through his monthly seminars, Dr. Fazil hopes to inform all of his attendees on healthier lifestyle decisions. He provides tips and recommendations to tried and true techniques to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Due to COVID-19 we will not be having a live audience at our recordings.